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30% of small and medium-sized bathroom companies are affected

On December 1, the faucet standard known as “the most stringent in history”-GB18145-2014 “Ceramic Seal Faucet Standard” was officially implemented. In this context, the first batch of certified organizations’ press conference on the amount of metal pollutants precipitated by ceramic sheet sealing faucets was held in Beijing. 29 companies including Jiumu Sanitary Ware, Hengjie Sanitary Ware and Zhongyu Sanitary Ware passed the first batch of metal pollutants precipitated by faucet certification . The implementation of the new national standard for faucets has re-established a new market entry barrier, which is undoubtedly a good thing for well-prepared sanitary ware companies.

New standard of faucet past and present

Before the implementation of the new national standard, the “Ceramic Sheet Sealed Faucet” standard referred to by the sanitary ware industry was established in 2003 and has a history of 11 years. The loose and unsound standards have made the entry barriers of the entire sanitary industry low, and have provided opportunities for some companies that do not meet the standards to get mixed up and refill their numbers. Last year, the relevant state departments initiated the revision of this standard at the time of the outbreak of the “Poisonous Lead Gate” incident, which seems to illustrate this point. Afterwards, the China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of Unified External Publicity” at the time of **, putting forward three requirements for external publicity work, which once again aroused all kinds of conjectures.

30% of small and medium-sized bathroom enterprises are affected by the introduction of new national standards for faucets

After the “poisonous lead gate” incident was exposed, the media rushed to report it, but the relevant rectification measures did not keep up, and the production enterprises did not pay a heavy price for it. They only need to wait for the limelight to pass. The low cost of violations and the failure of market supervision are one of the important reasons for the endless emergence of corporate violations.

New market entry barriers established

Industry insiders said that the new national standard has been introduced and is now in the trial operation and buffer phase, which may eliminate 30% of backward SMEs in the market. The implementation of the new standard means that the sanitary ware industry has a new market access barrier. Under the strict implementation of the new national standard, product quality requirements will be higher, and the sanitary ware industry will usher in new major changes, which has also caused both inside and outside the industry. High attention.

Some insiders predicted that “the life of first- and second-tier brand companies will get better and better. After half a year to one year, after the decline of small businesses, the sales of first- and second-tier brand sanitary ware companies will increase significantly.” Sanitary ware brands can use this time. Opportunities to increase the added value of environmental protection, it is inevitable that 30% of enterprises will be impacted, and the low-end market is bound to enter a rest period. A major revolution in the sanitary ware industry is approaching. Who will become the biggest winner in this revolution, who will struggle to survive in the cracks, and who will face the tragic fate of elimination, the answer is in sight.