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“China (Shuikou) Faucet · Bathroom Manufacturing Base” achieved a total output value of over 13 billion yuan

Recently, the water and plumbing and sanitary ware industry, one of the three traditional pillar industries in Kaiping County, Jiangmen City, has developed better and the scale of the industry has reached a higher level. Last year, the “China (Shuikou) Faucet and Bathroom Manufacturing Base” achieved a total output value of more than 13 billion yuan. After more than 30 years of development, Kaiping Shuikou Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Industry has formed a collection of raw material supply, spare parts and professional supporting processing, finished product assembly, technology research and development, product design, quality testing, logistics and distribution, import and export agency, financial services, e-commerce The huge industrial chain as a whole, the products are exported to many countries and regions. Shuikou Town is also known as the most important sanitary ware production and faucet export town in China with the best concentration, the most complete industrial chain, the largest industrial scale, the highest overall enterprise quality and the largest development potential. In recent years, Shuikou Town aims to polish the name card “Plumbing Sanitary Ware” and spares no effort to promote the quality and efficiency of the sanitary industry. Increasing capital investment and introducing preferential policies to support the strengthening and optimization of the plumbing and sanitary ware industry. In recent years, the three levels of government in Jiangmen City, Kaiping City, and Shuikou Town have invested a lot of money and issued special preferential policy measures to organize relevant industrial research to Industry development provides favorable support. He has successively participated in “China Sanitary Ware Industry Research Report”, “Kaiping Plumbing Sanitary Ware” Thirteenth Five-Year Plan “”, “Industry 4.0 Automation Research” and other research topics. In particular, the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Kaiping City Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Industry” will have a major role in promoting the industrial status and development of the Kaiping Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Industry. At the same time, according to the actual situation of the base development and the relevant document spirit of Jiangmen Shuangchuang Base, Shuikou Town will join Guangdong Nacheng Guangtai Investment Development Co., Ltd. (Nacheng Guangtai Industrial City) and Kaiping Longteng Property Management Co., Ltd. (China Sanitary City ). Kaiping City Shuikou Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Technology Innovation Center was packaged together and successfully declared as “Kaiping City Shuikou Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base” and key funding support projects to better provide development space for the majority of small and medium-sized micro and plumbing and sanitary ware companies. Support independent research and development to start a regional brand. Shuikou Town has always attached importance to brand strategy, and actively guided enterprises to establish brand awareness, through continuous investment and accumulation, to create independent brands and strengthen the industry with brands. So far, the town’s enterprises have more than 160 independent brands, of which Huayi, Sean, Weiqiang, Caizhou, Lipu, Andy and other companies have won the titles of “China’s famous faucet brand” and “China’s famous bathroom products”. ; Huayi, Sean, Weiqiang, Caizhou, Xiongye, Andy, etc. have become the famous brand products and famous trademark titles above the provincial level. In order to start regional brands, enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, unite the industry’s joint efforts, and enhance the industry’s overall brand image, in 2016, Shuikou Town carried out the application of collective trademarks for plumbing and sanitary wares to help regional plumbing and sanitary ware brand construction and industrial upgrading. Seek a breakthrough in the dilemma of opening up the international market More than 90% of the plumbing and sanitary ware enterprises in Shuikou Town are mainly for export, and most of them do business in the European and American markets. However, since 2008, the international financial crisis has affected the world economic environment, and the economic decline in Europe and the United States has continued to this day. Faced with difficulties, Shuikou Town guided enterprises to continue to explore other markets and reduce their dependence on European and American markets. At present, many export-oriented plumbing and sanitary ware enterprises in Shuikou Town are exploring the domestic market one after another, and also actively participating in overseas exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Italy, South Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, as well as domestic exhibitions such as the Canton Fair and the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Exhibition, and extensively opening up trade channels. . Complete the short board to promote greater development Although the spout plumbing and sanitary ware industry is currently the largest industry in Kaiping City, the size of the spout base is not large among the three major sanitary ware bases in the country. According to the survey statistics of the Market Supervision Bureau of Kaiping City, at present, the annual output value of the national hardware and sanitary ware has exceeded 70 billion yuan, of which the Shuikou base only accounts for about 15%. In addition, in recent years, the average annual growth rate of the spout sanitary ware industry has been 5%, while the average annual growth rate of the national kitchen and bathroom industry has reached 22% over the same period. Shuikou Town’s plumbing and sanitary ware industry has the phenomenon of “large clusters and small enterprises”, and there are too few large-scale enterprises. Among the nearly 3,000 plumbing and sanitary ware enterprises in Kaiping City, there are about 60 enterprises above designated size. There are only more than 10 enterprises with an annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan. Two gold bathroom. Among them, the annual output value of the first Huayi bathroom is about 1.5 billion yuan, which is not a leader in China. In addition, although the plumbing and sanitary ware enterprises in Shuikou Town are actively expanding the domestic market, the effect is not obvious, and they cannot effectively occupy the huge domestic consumer market. In addition, corporate brand building lags behind, export products are mostly OEM-based, and they lack the strength to compete with world-renowned brands.



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