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Eight small details teach you to choose the right tap

Many people find many problems in the house after the decoration, especially for the faucet, which is often used. Once a problem occurs, it will cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, the editor teaches you eight tricks to prepare you before the decoration. 1. Look at the water flow: the quality of the faucet has a certain relationship with the size of the water flow. The water flow here is based on the standard of rich foaming. The bubbler may not be well understood by many people. The starter is divided into six layers and is made of metal and plastic. When the water flows through the bubbler’s mesh cover, it will be cut into many small water columns. Its function is to Let the water condense. 2. Look at the appearance: To judge whether the faucet is good or bad can be compared by the brightness of the faucet’s appearance. The smoother the surface, the better the quality. Consumers can judge from the outside when they buy, they can place the faucet in a place with sufficient light to observe carefully, for example, whether the surface of the faucet is bright, whether there are some small details such as pores, bubbles, oxidized spots , Also depends on whether the surface of the faucet is uniform in color. We can achieve this through two small methods. One is to press the tap with your fingers to see if the fingerprints will spread out quickly. The quality of spreading out is relatively good. The second is whether there are burrs and sand on the surface of the faucet. The smooth surface is relatively good quality. 3. Turn the handle: In order to satisfy people’s use, the range of movement of the handle of the faucet is as large as possible, and now the handle of the faucet rotates 180 degrees and 360 degrees. In shape, the faucet handles appear in various colors. In addition to the common spherical and curved shapes, there are conical and inverted triangular handles. How to judge a good faucet? From the handle, the good faucet has little resistance when turning the handle, there will be no slipping phenomenon, and there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch. Various accessories cooperate with each other. But inferior faucets are just the opposite, not only subject to large resistance, but also large gaps. 4. Listen to the sound: judge the quality of the faucet from the timbre. The quality of the faucet is made of cast copper. The sound of the tap is relatively low. This shows that the faucet is of good quality. On the contrary, the poor quality faucet will make a very brittle sound when tapped. It is made of plastic or iron. In summary, judging from the sound is both easy and ready, and it is a trick for people who are partially decorated. 5. Mark recognition: Many people in the decoration have no experience in decoration, so they buy blindly when buying building materials. There are many types of faucets, and the styles are varied. Pay attention to the product markings when purchasing. Editor recommends that you can choose branded products. Generally, regular products have product certification, origin, site and product related information, and can be returned in time if there is a problem. Some non-regular products are pasted with some paper labels, even without any marks, and problems cannot be solved in time. When buying, don’t just pay attention to the price. Low-cost faucets will have many problems such as rust and short life. 6. Spool: The “heart” of the “spool” faucet, which determines the life of the faucet. The spools of our daily faucets are mainly made of ceramic and steel balls. Compared with the two, ceramic spools have good sealing and heat resistance, and will not be caused by high temperatures in daily life. For wear and other issues, the ceramic valve core is also more lubricious in feel, which is conducive to operation. The advantages of the steel ball valve core are its strong pressure resistance, and its disadvantage is that it is easy to age, and both have advantages and disadvantages. 7. Outlet filter: Generally, the outlets of faucets with better quality are equipped with overflow nets, but the quality of the filter is very different. The outlet of a good faucet has at least 6 layers of filters. The role of the filter It is to make the faucet flow smoothly and not splash around when it is discharged, which not only saves water resources but is also environmentally friendly and healthy. However, the quality of the filters used by inferior faucets cannot be guaranteed. 8. Surface treatment: The surface treatment of the faucet is divided into several stages. The quality of the faucet will have at least 5 layers of electroplating on the surface, and the material used on the surface is strong in acid and alkali resistance. The faucet is one of the most exposed building materials products. The treatment should be not easy to be corroded. For more convenience, it can be easily cleaned and handled without excessive maintenance. Correct selection and installation of faucets will make your decoration more efficient and will make your kitchen life more convenient later. For more information about faucets, please follow China Faucet Industry Network: http://vigafaucet.com