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How much do you know about the faucet production process?

After speaking about the casting process, machining procedure and polishing procedure of this faucet, are you friends considering its electroplating procedure, assembly procedure and factory review? In reality, if you would like to purchase a fantastic solution, then its manufacturing process won’t be simplified, and just the goods made out of caution are worthy of their high cost. Let us continue to discuss the manufacturing procedure! Copper plating can create the electroplated coating get a nicer structure, little defects on the surface of the faucet, little pinholes, small pores may be coated, to attain satisfactory outcomes. The impact of nickel plating enhances the corrosion resistance of this tap surface and may be highly polished. Chrome plating prevents rust and keeps it glowing, and enhances surface hardness and wear resistance. The caliber of the electroplated surface treatment is judged with the 24-hour acetic acid salt spray test (the test gear is a salt spray test system ) along with the coating thickness gauge may be used to recognize the depth of each metallic coating. Broadly , the depth of this coating reaches the regular, along with the salt spray test may pass. Faucet assembly procedure: initial to equip different assembly tools and components, and begin to connect, such as removable connections like valve center, internet nozzle, etc., and non-detachable connections including water and tendons inlet feet. The tub faucet has a diverter switch. At another step, the water evaluation is performed, the faucet is spilled on the test seat in line with the use condition, along with the inlet valves on the left and right sides are opened , the valve center is opened, the internal part of this faucet will be pre-rinsed, and the valve center is shut to set up the mesh nozzle pad and mesh nozzle, And make use of a wrench and other tools to gently tighten, in order to not float water, cannot be secured with excess force, in order to not damage the components. At another step, the stress test is performed. Check that there’s not any leakage on every sealing surface. The skilled merchandise is moved into the assembly line to put in the stress cap, manage, and cold and hot water marks. In the end, join the accessories and also wipe out the packing box. Factory review of this faucet: Following the final product of this faucet is set to the warehouse, then the contractor of the final product will run a sample review. The review items comprise: casting coating, thread coating, look quality, meeting, indicating, valve center sealing evaluation, faucet sealing operation evaluation, etc., Strictly apply the sampling program and conclusion principle. After knowing this kind of extensive faucet manufacturing procedure, do you feel the pricey faucet available on the marketplace is well worth this price, faucet is a standard and crucial life and household products, we have to choose fantastic products.