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How to clean the filter of faucet?

A faucet is something we use very frequently, and our domestic water flows from the faucet. After the faucet is used for a long time, the filter in it is very easy to block and accumulate various impurities, so it is necessary to clean the faucet filter regularly. Some faucet filters are installed inside the faucet, and some are installed in the faucet mouth. The faucet filter can play a relatively good filtering role in the faucet flow process, and can have a preliminary filtering effect on impurities and calcium carbonate in the water . If you want to replace the faucet filter, you need to know how to remove the faucet filter, so that the faucet filter can be replaced and cleaned. We can buy a suitable filter, and then follow the steps when the faucet was originally installed, and reverse it step by step to disassemble it. It is best to find some more professional tools to disassemble it, so as not to damage other locations of the faucet. As long as the faucet is disassembled, it is much easier to replace the filter. First, remove the filter of the faucet that needs to be replaced. The specific step is to first open the faucet according to the last node of the faucet when it is installed. Soak the faucet filter with white vinegar for 4-6 hours, then wipe the water outlet with a rag to remove the scale on the faucet filter. The faucet filter at home is very easy to accumulate impurities after long-term use, resulting in clogging of the faucet. Therefore, we need to regularly clean the faucet filter to ensure the normal use of the faucet