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Is the squatting pan good? How to choose a squatting pan?

Generally speaking, many families use squatting pans. Although the squatting pan looks simple, it actually has a different design. There are no traps on the market, and there is no water tank to distinguish. You must be wondering now, is it better to have a squatting pan with a trap or a squatting pan without a trap? Is it practical with a water tank, or practical without a water tank? May wish to learn about buying skills with the editor. Squat toilet structure-water trap function: The water trap is whether a water seal is designed at the drain hole of the squat toilet. The function of this water seal can avoid the backflow of odor and play a role in suppressing odor. If no water trap is designed, the drain hole of this squatting pan is a straight-through type. Under the action of the water flow, the odor must generate backflow, and the deodorization effect is very poor. Therefore, in order to maintain fresh air in the bathroom, and there is no odor lingering, the squat toilet structure with a water trap must be selected. Purchase Tips: When purchasing a squatting pan with a trap design, pay attention to whether the height of the trap and the height of the squat pit match. If the squat pit of the bathroom in the home can only be dug 25cm, and the water trap is 30cm, then the height of the entire squat toilet will be raised, forming a stepped shape beyond the ground. This step is easy to cause people to trip or fall, which is very dangerous for the elderly and children. Squat toilet structure-the role of the water tank: the squat toilet has two designs with and without a water tank, and the usage rate of these two is almost the same. The purpose of the water tank is to provide a certain amount of water and water pressure to clean the squatting pan, and the flushing effect is better. Especially for residents with relatively high floors, it is better to use a squatting pan with a water tank to flush the pot because the water pressure is not enough. There are two types of water outlets for the water tank: hand-pressed and inductive. The squatting pan with water tank is more fashionable and has different grades. Purchase skills: When choosing to install a squatting pan with a water tank, you must first understand the caliber of the water pipe in the house. If it is a 15mm or 20mm caliber pipe, it cannot meet the requirements of the water tank flushing. Larger diameter pipes need to be changed. The design of the water tank is high or low, and the water pressure of the high-level water tank is better, but it is not very convenient to repair when a fault occurs. If it is a home user, in order to facilitate maintenance in the future, it is recommended to use a low-level water tank. Squat toilet structure-the role of the flush valve: the flush valve belongs to the flushing setting of the squat toilet without a water tank, and is divided into a hydraulic type and a foot pedal type. The pedal type is generally used in public places, and the hand pressure type is mostly used in families. The water volume and pressure of the flush valve are slightly inferior to that of the water tank, but occupy a small area. For home users with relatively small toilets, flush valves are more practical than water tanks. Selection tips: When choosing a flush valve, pay attention to the material of the valve core, and must choose a ceramic valve core. Also pay attention to its installation method, try not to slot the wall, it is better to install pipes and lines from the ground. The first is to avoid damage to the beautiful wall surface, and the second is to avoid subsequent maintenance and repair work. In general, squatting pans with different functions have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is best to install squatting pans according to toilet specifications and actual needs.