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Sanitary ware market internal and external troubles, sanitary ware companies can alliance with real estate

Throughout the Chinese sanitary ware industry, based on years of focus and accumulation, it has a development history of more than 30 years. However, with the development of technology and the implementation of the national policy of opening to the outside world, new brands, large and small, and numerous international brands have come out endlessly. The new brand is struggling or the road is smooth? Will the old brand stand still or lost? For the Chinese sanitary ware market, the future development path is a question worth pondering.

Sanitary ware companies can alliance with real estate companies

This year, small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies are facing great troubles. As the internal and external situation is becoming more and more tight, a group of small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk of bankruptcy. This can be said to be an inevitable trend. Then what should they take? Strategies to avoid this risk? Just this year the standard of a faucet has caused many sanitary ware companies to commit difficulties. Market veterans said that stricter new regulations will be introduced next year.

For small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies, it is best to cooperate with real estate companies. Although the real estate industry has suffered certain restrictions, it can be seen from actual and objective data that housing prices are still rising. This shows that the sanitary ware industry is still popular. For this reason, why not take this opportunity to rely on it when the sanitary industry has not really regressed?

It will be good news for small and medium-sized sanitary companies to alliance with real estate companies. In this way, real estate companies will give all their projects to these sanitary companies. This will definitely be beneficial to both parties in terms of profitability, and communication is also an internal form of enterprise. Compared with external communication, it is definitely much more convenient and faster, which is conducive to the rapid follow-up of the project progress.

Sanitary ware companies need to focus on the core consumer market

Under such circumstances, sanitary ware companies can also use this part of the locked profits to focus on the consumer market, which means that there is no need to worry about the economy, so the company can focus on one market, so there is no burden. Some people think that burden is also an incentive, but they often ignore the burden but it distracts the enterprise. If the enterprise is distracted, then where does it take so much time and thought to do something else?

For this reason, real estate companies are the best targets for solving the current crisis faced by small and medium-sized bathroom companies, because real estate construction is originally directly related to bathroom companies, and real estate is mostly tycoon companies. With strong financial resources, it will be easier to win bathroom companies. stand up.

Some people say what if real estate companies suffer a reversal in the future? It can be said that this situation will not happen within ten years, because the number of houses is far from enough, why the price can easily be restricted by strict policies This means that the number of houses is less than the number of demanders. If there are not enough houses, the industry will still be harmed? This is obviously illogical. For this reason, don’t seize this great opportunity. Do it?