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Supervise drinking water safety from water source to faucet!

The Guiding Opinions on the Development of Healthy Cities and Healthy Villages and Towns issued by the National Love and Health Association pointed out today that the National Love and Health Office will work with relevant departments to learn from international experience and establish indicators and evaluation systems for healthy cities and healthy villages and towns that are suitable for China ’s national conditions. Third-party professional organizations conduct evaluations of the effectiveness of healthy city construction, guide localities to evaluate the effectiveness of healthy village and town construction, and strengthen supervision and inspection. The provincial (regional and municipal) patriotic health campaign committees and their offices should strengthen the guidance and inspection of the construction of healthy cities and healthy villages and towns in their administrative areas, and organize the evaluation of the construction of healthy villages and towns. At the special press conference held by the National Health and Family Planning Commission on the 13th, Zhang Yong, deputy director of the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and deputy director of the Office of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, said, “Guiding Opinions on the Construction of Healthy Cities and Healthy Villages and Towns” It has been reviewed and approved by the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee and approved by the State Council, and issued by the National Love Health Association. This indicates that China has comprehensively started the construction of healthy cities and villages. The “Guiding Opinions” proposes to strengthen the construction of urban sewage and garbage treatment facilities, gradually realize the “full collection and full treatment” of urban sewage, accelerate the formation of an urban public toilet service system, and improve the construction and management of urban public facilities. Strictly protect drinking water sources, clean up illegal buildings and sewage outlets in drinking water source protection areas according to law, carry out standardized construction of drinking water sources, and conduct regular safety assessments. Supervise the safety of drinking water from the water source to the faucet, regularly monitor, test and evaluate the drinking water safety status of the local drinking water source, the water supplied by the water supply unit and the quality of the user’s faucet, and announce it to the society on time. The “Guiding Opinions” make it clear that we should strengthen comprehensive prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, adhere to source control, rectify industrial waste gas, strengthen environmental protection management of motor vehicles, regularly disclose the urban environmental air quality, and promote water pollution prevention, water ecological protection and water resource management. Protect and improve the soil environment, strengthen soil pollution risk management and control, explore and implement construction land access management, and prevent human settlement environment risks. Vigorously implement greening, beautification and lighting projects, promote the construction of ecological gardens, strengthen the protection of natural resources such as wetlands, and create a good ecological environment. Improve the public safety management mechanism, implement the safety production responsibility system, and improve the quality and safety supervision system of agricultural products. The “Guiding Opinions” emphasize that the key tasks for the construction of healthy villages and towns are to improve rural infrastructure conditions, strengthen rural water and toilet reforms, promote urban-rural integrated regional water supply, and extend urban water supply networks and services to the countryside. Comprehensive improvement of rural environmental sanitation was carried out in an all-round way, clearing up piles, arranging illegal buildings, and dredging pits and ponds. Fully implement the resident serious illness insurance system and improve the medical assistance system. Strengthen public health work such as rural disease prevention and control, maternal and child health care, fully implement major and basic public health service projects, and focus on controlling major diseases that seriously harm rural residents. According to the size of the permanent population and the service radius, the basic medical service resources should be scientifically arranged. Each administrative village should set up a village clinic, and each township should set up a standardized township health center to facilitate rural residents to see a doctor nearby.