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Sweden’s water-saving artifacts save water up to 98%

A Swedish company took another approach to energy saving and developed water-saving faucets. It is reported that the water-saving device can atomize the water flow of the faucet and increase the application of water by maximizing the contact area with the object.

** Water-saving device that saves 98% of water

Johan Nihlen, the co-founder of the company, pointed out that when people use the faucet, the water flows away without touching the surface, which greatly wastes water resources. It is the purpose of the company to develop this water-saving device to improve water efficiency and reduce water consumption. Altered this water-saving device can be installed on the ordinary faucet. It has two water-saving modes, namely deep water-saving and ordinary water-saving. You can switch between the two modes by rotating the nozzle. Moreover, the installation and operation are simple and easy, and are suitable for ordinary faucets.

In the deep water saving mode, the water flow is divided into millions of tiny droplets, and the water flow out per minute is only 0.18 liters, and the water output is only 2% of the ordinary faucet, which can save 98% of water. This mode can be used Wash hands, wash vegetables or wash dishes, etc. If you don’t want the water flow to be too scattered, you can also switch to the normal water saving mode. At this time, the water output reaches 3 liters per minute, but it still saves 75% of water compared to ordinary faucets. The water jet in this mode is similar to a normal faucet, and can be used to wash cups, pots and other objects with larger internal spaces.

In the demonstration, the company’s staff also compared the water consumption of washing hands with an ordinary faucet and washing hands with this water-saving device. It seems that 98% is not just a gimmick. This water saver has started crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The early bird price is 249 Swedish kronor (about 190 yuan), and it is expected to be shipped from December this year. However, for companies, what are the practical uses of water saving?

1. Water-saving technology is the initial selling point of startups

Long before the Swedish company announced its water-saving products, Japanese companies had developed similar products. Last year, DG TAKANO, a start-up company located in Osaka City, developed the “Bubble90” water-saving device. It is said that the largest water-saving rate reached 95%. This product uses a unique vacuum technology to inject air into the water, turning the effluent into tiny bubbles, thereby improving water efficiency. It is understood that many stations, schools and individual stores in Japan have introduced this product. According to a restaurant owner, since the introduction, the restaurant has saved more than 50% of water bills every month.

2. Water-saving products are a breakthrough in emerging markets

In recent years, the LIXIL Group has begun to enter the African market. Among them, in Kenya, local residents are suffering from chronic water shortages. Even in the capital area, they are facing water shortages due to insufficient infrastructure. To this end, LIXIL is developing a toilet with a purported flush volume of only 1L. This product will install a vacuum valve between the toilet body and the drain port, which can exert a strong impulse with a small amount of water. Wash away excrement. This ultra-saving water toilet will be put into use in Kenya in 2017. Kenya has a unique position in Africa. LIXIL hopes that through this move, with Kenya as the pedal, it will officially set foot in the African bathroom and building materials market.

3. Water saving technology is the selling point of the product

Hansgrohe has focused on making faucets and shower products for many years, and has been “a champion of the value of water”, and has been studying water saving issues. The faucets and showers using its EcoSmart intelligent water-saving technology can be more efficient than conventional products. 60% water, and there is no loss of comfort. On the official website of Hansgrohe, EcoSmart was introduced in a large length, which seems to be a major selling point of Hansgrohe products. In addition, its official website has launched a special “water saving calculator” that can calculate the water, natural gas, and electricity costs for using and unused water-saving products.

Water saving is a global issue. With the advocacy of governments and environmental organizations, the concept of environmental protection has gradually affected the consumer sector, and people’s demand for water-saving products is also increasing. On the one hand, sanitary ware companies see the prospect of water-saving products and start to develop them. On the other hand, some scientific research institutions or technology companies also invest in research and development based on the exploration of water-saving technology.



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