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Talk about events in the bathroom industry in 2020

Teacher Lin Jin, expert in sanitary marketing strategy, master of Chinese ceramic art, encyclopedia of sanitary ware industry, secretary general of Youth Enterprise Club of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, general manager of Fuzhou Yongrun Industrial Design. He has 30 years of experience in the sanitary ware industry. He has held important positions in well-known sanitary ware companies at home and abroad, such as TOTO, Kohler, and Lianxinghang. He has accumulated rich industry experience and accurately grasped domestic and foreign sanitary market trends and design trends. Successfully coached: Zhongyu, Shenluda, Yading, Jordan, Weiwei, Xingxing Bianjiebao and more than 100 companies. Its products have won various design awards at home and abroad-German IF, Red Dot, Red Star, Cotton Tree Drive, etc., and the first representative of the Chinese bathroom designer to speak at the IF awards meeting, is a recognized kitchen and bathroom expert in China .

Teacher Lin Jin, a Chinese ceramic artist, brings us his year-end inventory of the second season: talk about the ** events in the sanitary ware industry in 2014. Through this, while summing up 2014, let us hope that 2015 will have a better voice.

Talk about the ** events in the sanitary ware industry in 2014

Event 1: CCTV exposed the “poisonous” tap in Haicheng, Wenzhou

On the evening of March 21, 2014, CCTV’s second set of “Economy Half an Hour” 3.15 special program with the title “Secrets in the Faucet” conducted an investigation on the faucets produced by a family workshop in Wenzhou. According to the report, the zinc content of the faucets produced by the Wenzhou family workshop exceeded the national standard by 10 times, and the lead content was 81 times higher than the national standard, posing great harm to human health. The copper removed from waste electrical appliances, along with many uncertain metals, has been rough processed, and has entered thousands of households… The report has caused widespread concern.

Event 2: Anmon’s collapse

On April 28, 2014, the home furnishing industry circulated the news that Anmeng Sanitary Ware was closed, the boss An Hui lost contact, and the subsequent Anmeng employees asked for salary, the media and industry professionals reflected on this, and the reasons for the collapse of Anmeng were analyzed. Reports flooded in. Even when many people in the industry were still immersed in sorrow, Anmeng Sanitary Ware Headquarters and Base resumed normal operations. So, what is the way forward for Anmeng Sanitary Ware? Where will it go in the future? It is still a puzzle, but time will prove it all. At the same time, we look forward to Anmeng overcoming difficulties, moving towards resurrection, and gradually reviving.

Event 3: IPO blocked all 14 home furnishing companies were suspended for review

On July 4, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Information on Basic Information of Companies Suspension of Initial Public Offerings and Termination of Review”. According to the data, as of July 3, a total of 637 companies have accepted and disclosed the initial launches, including 40 companies that have passed the meeting and 8 companies that have been under normal review. The remaining 589 companies have been included in the “suspended review” list, and another 129 Several companies have been “terminated from review”, including several well-known companies such as Dalian Wanda, Goubuli Group, and Bank of Dongguan. What embarrassed the home furnishing industry is that the 589 companies included in the “suspended review” list include all pan-home furnishing companies, namely Yongyi Furniture, Haolaike, Songfa Ceramics, Qumei Furniture, Red Star Macalline, Op Lighting, Yazhen Furniture, Gujia Home Furnishing, Hengkang Home Furnishing, Fusenmei, Ruierte Sanitary Ware, Dufai Home Textiles, Emperor Sanitary Ware, Nanxing Furniture Equipment Manufacturing.

Event 4: Australia made preliminary anti-dumping rulings against Chinese drawn stainless steel deep sinks

On August 13, Australia made a preliminary anti-dumping ruling on the stainless steel drawn deep water tank originating in China: the involved products imported from China were dumped and caused substantial damage to the Australian domestic industry. The dumping margin is shown in the table below. The customs code of the product involved is 7324.10.00.

Event 5: Zhejiang Zhongjie Kitchen and Bathroom Bankruptcy

On October 22, the domestic sewing machine equipment industry ** listed company Zhongjie Shares issued an announcement saying that its largest shareholder Zhejiang Zhongjie Huanzhou Supply Chain Group Co., Ltd. was unable to pay off its due debts and its assets were obviously insufficient to pay off. All debts. As early as September this year, Zhongjie Group, which owns Zhongjie Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., was in debt of 2.6 billion, and was also ruled by the court as insolvent and declared bankruptcy and liquidation.