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The embarrassing scene of the Rio Olympics: the faucet was unscrewed by a lady

The Rio Olympics is halfway through. I believe that the two things you see best are women ’s diving and table tennis. As the overlords of these two events, the Chinese team has always brought everyone “stable happiness” The women’s double three-meter springboard is the gold medal guarantee of the Chinese team. Just after the Rio Olympics diving women’s three-meter board final in the early hours of August 15, Chinese player Shi Tingmao won the championship with a total score of 406.05 points, and He Zi won the runner-up with a total score of 387.90 points. The eight consecutive Olympic crowns of this project were realized. During this game, an interesting and embarrassing scene appeared. Player Jennifer Abel from Quebec, Canada, opened the shower after a dive and planned to rinse it. As a result, I did n’t know whether she was too strong or the quality of the faucet needed to be improved. The faucet was screwed down by her. Now … Abel walked to the shower. Abel’s expression suddenly froze. Afterwards, despite his nervousness, Abel pretended to press the faucet back casually. The side of the face accidentally saw a gentle feeling ~ After pressing back, Abel finally rested his mind and unscrewed the faucet on the other side to enjoy the tortuous moment of this process. Finally, send a normal photo ~ I still have to vomit about the organizing committee of the Rio Olympics here. The necessities of life such as taps ca n’t be casual. In case something hurts the athlete, it ’s an international event. . Of course, if you are worried about the quality of the faucet, you can come to our faucet industry network, quality assurance, after-sales protection, even if there is a comprehensive after-sales protection across the ocean, welcome to buy