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The new national standard for faucets was implemented for two months, and inferior sanitary ware suffered

On December 1st last year, the new national standard for faucets was officially implemented. Faucets produced in accordance with the 2003 standard should be withdrawn from the market after a “buffer period” of more than half a year. Recently, the reporter visited a number of large supermarket chains, building materials markets and hardware stores in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, but found that there are still a large number of faucets on sale manufactured under the old standards.

Experts suggest that the new national standard strictly controls heavy metals, which is beneficial to health, and citizens should go to major brand stores to buy new national standard faucets.

Big brands react quickly to the “new national standard”

In May last year, the country issued the new national standard GB18145-2014 “Ceramic Sheet Sealing Faucet”, which will be implemented on December 1, 2014. The new national standard has increased the precipitation limit of 17 elements, and also stipulated that the concentration of lead precipitation in the water immersed in the faucet should be less than or equal to 5 micrograms per liter, which is called “the most stringent standard in history” by the industry. Relevant manufacturers should improve their production processes in half a year before the official implementation of the new national standard, and allow the old standard faucets to withdraw from the market.

The new national standard for faucets was implemented for two months, and inferior sanitary ware suffered

Two months after the implementation of the new national standard for faucets, inferior sanitary ware suffered

Two months after the implementation of the new national standard, on the morning of February 3, in more than 10 sanitary ware stores in the ceramic hypermarket and Daxue Road Furniture Plaza, the reporter saw that many of the faucets here still comply with the old national standard “GB18145-2003”. Faced with a reporter’s question, a hardware store owner said: “The faucet production standard has nothing to do with us. We are only responsible for selling. As long as the manufacturer produces it, we will naturally sell the new national standard faucet.”

The reporter found that some big brand sanitary ware stores are still very fast in implementing the new national standard for faucets. In the Dongfeng Lutheran furniture hypermarket, a waiter from a well-known national brand store familiarly introduced the advantages of the new national standard faucet, and advised reporters to wait and buy. “Now there is no new national standard faucet for this brand in Texas, and it should be almost the same after another week.”

In several other major domestic and international brands of sanitary ware stores, the staff can almost introduce the new national standard to customers and said that the business is stepping up to make the new national standard faucet.

“New National Standard” strictly controls heavy metals, which is beneficial to health

The reporter interviewed 10 citizens randomly, some of whom had never heard of the “new national standard.”

An old grandmother said disapprovingly: “I have never heard that the faucet can be eaten dead without changing the faucet. My faucet has been used for decades and has never been changed. Am I okay?”

After listening to the introduction, another woman said that she hadn’t paid much attention to the safety of the faucet before, but chose durable and good-looking ones. “If it’s broken, I think of changing the faucet. If it’s not broken, I probably won’t change it.”

According to other media reports, copper faucets and water pipes that are generally used for more than 5 years will greatly increase the release of lead and must be replaced, especially the faucets for washing vegetables and dishes.

Zhou Kaiwen, vice president of the Dezhou Nutritionists Association, stated that long-term use of water with excessive heavy metal content will affect human health. If the blood lead exceeds 400 micrograms/liter or the blood lead exceeds 70 mg/liter, it can be diagnosed as an observation object. Perform drug discharge.

The staff of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision stated that the new national standard of faucets has changed the precipitation, sealing performance, flow rate and life of metal contaminants of the faucet, and the old national standard did not stipulate the limit of metal contaminants. “These new regulations are helpful to people’s health. It is recommended that citizens buy faucets produced under the new national standard.