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Wall Mounted Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Access to soap when and where you need it is more important than ever. Used commercially or personally, why not make it automatic? This wall mounted touchless soap dispenser is going to be your top quality option for all of the right reasons.
Firstly, it’s easy to install and comes with all of the pieces to mount it flush to the wall. This is also lightweight and easy to fill up with your favourite, cost-effective foaming or liquid soap. Working with an automatic sensor, this will dispense the perfect amount of soap when someone puts their hands underneath the nozzle. Not only does this keep wastage to a minimum due to over pumping a manual dispenser, it also will help the user get the right amount for an effective clean, leading to better hygiene.
Using only a small amount of power from 2 AA batteries, this wall mounted touchless soap dispenser is going to make all of the difference for quality, sanitation and overall professionalism — at home or in a commercial setting.

•Equipped to work with foaming and liquid soaps
•Sleek wall mounted touchless soap dispenser intended for private or commercial use
•Long battery life due to low power use



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