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What are the hidden safety problems of bathroom in winter? You have to understand these!

As the weather turns cooler, the temperature of the bathroom shower is gradually increased. It is the time period when the shower room glass is prone to self-explosion. Recently, news of the shower room glass self-explosion hurt people. Let’s take a look at how to prevent the shower room glass from exploding? 1. The reason for the shower room glass’s self-explosion 1. The quality of the tempered glass is not close. The automatic bursting of the tempered glass without direct mechanical external force is called self-explosion. Although the self-explosion of the tempered glass may be caused by improper installation or improper maintenance during use, the more likely cause is the quality of the tempered glass produced by the manufacturer. 2. Improper installation of shower room glass Improper installation may also cause the glass to explode. For example, the glass has a certain inclination during installation or the shape of the glass is artificially changed. The most taboo during installation is to cut the glass, because the tempered glass can only be processed into the required shape just after spending money, and cannot be processed after the tempering, which is very easy to cause the glass to explode. 3. Improper maintenance of tempered glass leads to self-explosion During daily use, it is also relatively common for shower room glass to explode due to the impact of sharp objects and rapid temperature changes. Second, to reduce the risk of self-explosion of shower room glass 1. When selecting high-quality products and installing them correctly, you need to pay attention to the quality of the glass. The minimum guarantee is the 3C certification mark on the glass; in order to prevent the self-explosion of tempered glass caused by improper installation, it is best to ask the manufacturer to provide professional installation at the time of product purchase to avoid the damage caused by improper installation and the appearance of After the damage, the problem is difficult to separate. 2. Avoid scratching sharp objects Tempered glass has high strength and can even bear the weight of several people, but it has a weakness, that is, it is afraid of being scratched and hit by sharp things. Because the contact area of ​​sharp objects is very small, the pressure of the contact point on the glass is quite large, so that the glass is subjected to a large external force at this point to produce a slight crack, and for tempered glass, a little cracking means The stress distribution inside the whole glass was destroyed, resulting in numerous spider web-shaped cracks in an instant. 3. The corner parts of the key protection glass The middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, and the four corners and edges are the weakest. Once these parts have cracks, it is easy to smash the whole glass. I don’t know if you observed it. The location of the safety hammer marked on the window glass of the bus is on the corner of the glass. This is also the use of tempered glass. As for the shower room, we do not want the glass to break, so in daily life, we should pay attention to protecting the corners of the glass, and regularly check whether the corners are cracked. 4. Paste the explosion-proof membrane to reduce the risk of self-explosive The shower room products on the market, because of the reasons of beauty and so on, the general glass will not have its own explosion-proof membrane. The explosion-proof film can improve the strength of the tempered glass, and at the same time, the tempered glass bursts. The viscous force of the explosion-proof film can stick the self-explosive glass fragments together to prevent the glass fragments from splashing and hurting people. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of injury caused by the self-explosion of the shower room glass, the owner can purchase an explosion-proof membrane and attach it just in case. 3. Safety of other bathroom electrical appliances 1. Safe use of bathroom heaters In winter, if you use the bathroom heater for heating, it is best to turn on the bathroom heater and then put water, which can reduce the risk of use. In addition, you can not spray the shower heater with water when showering. If it does, it may cause a danger such as a short circuit in the power supply. 2. Water heaters should be waterproof and leak-proof In winter, many families will also place heaters and other heating equipment in the bathroom. For safety reasons, the heater placed in the bathroom must be waterproof and leakproof. After the heater is turned on, try not to touch it with wet hands, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of electrical appliances. 3. Electric safety of sanitary wares such as smart toilets In addition to the aforementioned water heaters, bathroom heaters, and heaters, the bathroom may also use electricity supplies such as smart toilets, jacuzzis, and overall shower rooms. And these supplies should pay special attention to the safety of their circuits, and should have leakage protection and overload protection processing devices. Fourth, pay attention to the anti-slip properties of bathroom tiles Bathroom floor tiles must attach great importance to its anti-slip properties. The anti-slip of the tiles is mainly formed by the friction of the contact surface, so try to buy some floor tiles with patterns and unevenness. If you use polished tiles, you must pay attention to ask whether anti-slip agents are added, and you can also feel whether there is a jerky anti-skid effect after water. For more information about faucets, please pay attention to China Faucet Industry Network: http://vigafaucet.com/