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What is the difference between the installation method of hot and cold faucet and ordinary faucet

Faucets are switches that control the flow of tap water. Some faucets can even control and regulate hot and cold water. Usually, the faucet exists in the kitchen space, bathroom space and other occasions to meet people’s basic living needs. The installation of faucets will be differentiated according to their different forms and functions. So how to install the hot and cold faucet? Is there any difference between the installation of ordinary faucet and hot and cold faucet? Let’s follow the editor to find out.

How to install hot and cold faucets? What is the difference between the installation method and ordinary faucets?

1. Installation method of ordinary faucet

Let’s take a look at the installation method of ordinary basin faucets. When installing, we first need to take out the fixed base of the faucet and rotate the nut from the threaded pipe. After the hose connecting the faucet and the water pipe is put on stainless steel faucet accessories such as wrench, nut, threaded tube, silicone pad, etc., it will be equipped with Good hoses pass through objects that need to be installed, such as sinks, basins and other objects. At this time, it should be noted that the pre-worn silicone cushion on the hose is installed on each side of the sink, basin, etc., and then tightened to ensure that the base faucet is more stable. Then screw the small end of the hose connection into the water inlet of the faucet by hand until it can’t be screwed, no other tools are needed. After that, screw the screw cap tube into the lower side of the faucet, and the silicone pad on the upper side of the sink, basin, etc. can be removed and placed on the lower side of the faucet. After **, fix the faucet with a nut and tighten the nut to complete the installation of the faucet.

2. Installation method of hot and cold water faucet

Hot and cold water faucets are usually installed in the kitchen sink or washbasin in the bathroom. The best use temperature of the water is controlled by adjusting the amount of hot and cold water in and out. When installing the hot and cold water faucet, you must first arrange all its accessories and ensure that the instruction manual is correctly matched. Let’s take the installation method of the shoe-type hot and cold water faucet as an example to introduce the specific installation steps. **Step Connect the two inlet pipes of the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe to the corresponding water inlets of the hot and cold water faucet, and then pass the fixed column of the hot and cold water faucet into the two water inlet pipes to ensure that the corresponding cold water The heat is correct. After these operations are completed, it is necessary to install the assembled hot and cold faucets on sinks, washbasins and other objects, and put the water inlet pipe into an opening of the washbasin. After **, the horseshoe piece of the faucet is fixed and the screw nut is tightened.

Three, other precautions for faucet installation

Faucets are differentiated according to their installation directions and functions, including the installation of shower and bathtub faucets (wall-mounted), the installation of concealed shower and bathtub faucets, the installation of thermostatic faucets, and the installation of single-hole kitchen faucets. However, these different types of faucets will have different operations, large or small, during installation, and they need to be treated differently. In addition, the fittings of the faucet should be sufficiently complete to prevent missing or omission during the installation process.

According to the installation methods of faucets sorted out by the editor above, we can see that different types of faucets have different functions and shapes, so their installation methods are also quite different. I hope that through the introduction of the editor, you can learn about hot and cold water faucets. The correct installation method.