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Where did the water bill go? Choose water-saving sanitary products in three steps

People are paying more and more attention to the consumption of water resources. According to statistics, toilet water consumption accounts for 60% -70% of domestic household water. Among them, flush toilets are large water users, accounting for more than 35% of domestic water consumption. Caused a lot of waste. A few tips to easily select high-quality water-saving sanitary products. How to choose water-saving toilets 1, flushing methods There are three common flushing methods on the market, which are wash-down type, siphon type and spray siphon type. The advantages of falling type and siphon type are both powerful suction and silent. 2. Water seal and water-saving function Water seal refers to the water stored in the toilet, which can play a role in blocking the return of odors. The height of the water seal determines the ability to block odors. The height of the water seal shall not be less than 50mm. As consumers’ environmental awareness becomes stronger and stronger, water-saving features have become one of the selling points of businesses. Toilet water is a large household water consumption. Saving toilet water is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves daily expenses from the roots. 3. Appearance and material A layer of white glaze on the surface of the toilet is called glaze. A good glazed surface is smooth and smooth, which can well prevent the excrement from adhering to the toilet. The toilet is divided into two types according to the type: the split type and the conjoined type, which is the difference between whether the toilet porcelain body and the water tank are connected together. The conjoined type is more beautiful in visual effect, but the split type structure is more common in daily life. common. Water-saving shower purchase 1. Choose the function of the water outlet. According to the common water outlet methods, the shower can be divided into general, turbo, massage and strong speed. A complete set of shower includes the shower head and shower column. With the hose, the double shower configuration is the most common, and the single shower design is not uncommon. In addition to the overhead shower and the hand shower, the luxurious configuration shower has one or more side showers, which plays the role of waist massage. Consumers need to choose different water outlet functions according to the needs of their families. 2. Appearance and material observation The appearance and material of the shower are mainly the valve core and the coating. Generally speaking, the brighter and finer the surface of the shower, the better the plating process. A good valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and prevents running and dripping. Faucet purchase 1. The valve core and the coated valve core are the most important parts of the faucet. The better quality products use ceramic valve cores, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good sealing performance; the exquisite copper chrome plating is 28 microns thick, even after the baptism of time, it can still be as clean as new. 2. Considering the environmental protection function, the faucet can almost be said to be a bathroom product that will be used every day, and a water-saving faucet can save nearly half of the toilet water. 3. The appearance and quality are generally in order of quality level: titanium alloy products, copper chromium plating products, stainless steel chromium plating products, aluminum alloy chromium plating products, iron chromium plating products, etc. Even the faint faucet needs to be matched with the overall decoration style, and can even play a finishing touch.