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With an electric faucet, you do n’t have to worry about water cooling in winter

What is an electric hot water faucet? As the name implies, an electric hot water faucet refers to the use of electricity to heat the water flowing through the faucet, and then achieve the purpose of releasing hot water. In fact, the electric hot water faucet is mainly composed of the faucet body and the water flow control switch. The heating cavity and the electrical control cavity are separated by a sealing plate, and the water in the heating cavity is quickly heated by the heating circuit provided in the control cavity. It becomes an electric hot water faucet. Electric hot water faucets have attracted people ’s attention not only because of their unique design and heating method, but also because of the striking characteristics. The electric hot water faucet has the following main features: hot water can be used at any time, cold and hot, convenient and fast, Power saving, water saving, beautiful appearance, etc. I believe that after confirming that the electric faucet is really safe, it will definitely be loved by many consumers. Are electric hot water faucets safe? Regarding safety issues, no matter when, where, or at any time, we are the most important issue. Therefore, after the emergence of electric hot water faucets, many consumers have questioned their safety: Is the electric hot water faucet safe? Electric water faucets use electrical energy to heat water, and the water has good conductivity. If there is a leakage in the process of use, the consequences will be very serious and will directly threaten the safety of the user ’s life, so I have to be careful treat. For the doubts of consumers, designers and manufacturers must also take into account related issues, and give priority to the safety of electric hot water faucets, so that users can rest assured to use. The electric water faucet adopts the light porcelain technology. The special material used in the light porcelain technology can not only reduce the electrical loss of ordinary metal materials, but more importantly, it plays an important guarantee for the safety of the human body. The light porcelain technology is different from ordinary electric heaters. After being tested by experts, even if it is exposed to water, it will not cause a leakage accident, and the application of a leakage protection plug, double protection. Tips for the purchase of electric faucet 1. When purchasing, you can gently turn the faucet handle to observe whether there is a gap between the faucet and the switch. Generally, the quality of the faucet that is seamless, easy, and non-slip is good; in addition, observe whether the components of the faucet, especially the main components, are tightly assembled. 2. Look at the appearance: Most of the high-quality instant faucets are finely processed, and the finish of the metal coating on the surface is good, close to the mirror effect. From different perspectives, the curve of the reflection is smooth. 3. Look at the mark: For faucets produced by regular manufacturers, the manufacturer ’s detailed address and contact information should be clearly written on the packaging box. The products of informal manufacturers or inferior products are often only affixed with some paper labels, and most of the manufacturers ’addresses are not Specifically, be careful when buying. How to clean the electric faucet (1) Do not directly wipe the surface of the instant faucet with a wet towel, but wipe it with a dry soft cotton cloth. (2) Do not wipe the instant faucet with burrs. We all know that the surface of the hot faucet or the place in contact with the water pipe is not completely smooth, or the clothes are seamlessly combined, there will always be some rough places, if you use a burr towel to wipe , It is easy to leave the hair head on the instant faucet. In addition to being unsightly, it will rot on it in the future. With the action of water, the hair head will gradually decompose, and the decomposed material will corrode the pyrolysis type. Faucet.