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Wuhan police arrested a boss for selling 6 million fake sanitary wares

The sanitary ware industry has always been the hardest hit area for counterfeit cottages, and brand-name sanitary ware often encounters “Li ghosts”, and these “Li ghosts” often do not end well. Recently, the Honghu City Public Security Bureau in Wuhan arrested a fugitive who had absconded for two years and involved a total of 6 million in selling counterfeit brand-name sanitary wares. This has also sounded the alarm for the majority of sanitary ware companies, do business with integrity, and do not lose too much due to gains.

The counterfeit boss absconded and arrested for two years

A well-known resort in Honghu City, Wuhan has a beautiful environment and first-class facilities. The bathroom is installed with sanitary ware of international famous brands produced by a factory in Foshan, Guangdong. However, in June 2014, when tourists were using the toilets in the resort, they unexpectedly discovered that some sanitary ware products burst after passing water. The resort immediately contacted the manufacturer for inspection and repair. However, the inspectors discovered after investigation that the batch of brand sanitary ware installed by the resort, worth more than 6 million yuan, were all counterfeit and shoddy products.

Sanitary ware owner was arrested for two years after selling fake

After investigation, in order to earn the price difference, Huang, a salesperson of a sanitary ware company in Foshan, Guangdong, privately contacted Oerlikon Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. in Kaiping, Guangdong to produce these sanitary ware products. However, they posted counterfeit registered trademarks and sold them to resorts. After the incident, Oerlikon Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was closed down, and the plant was also used as other business premises. Huang and Liu involved in the case were arrested one after another, and Zou has been absconding ever since. On January 28 this year, Zou was arrested by the public security organs. Currently, he has been escorted back to Hubei and the case is under investigation.

Integrity management is the foundation of business survival

In the past two years, cases of counterfeiting and selling of counterfeit sanitary ware have occurred from time to time. Counterfeit toilet and faucet products are bright in appearance but rough in the inside. If the standard is met, quality problems such as glaze peeling, copper oxidation, valve failure, and toilet blockage are prone to occur in the life of citizens. These counterfeit and shoddy products will not only cause the rights and interests of consumers to be infringed, destroy the popularity and reputation that the sanitary ware brand has finally established, but also push itself into the abyss.

Honesty has always been the foundation of a company’s survival. If a sanitary ware company wants to achieve long-term sustainable development and seek a breakthrough in the sanitary ware market competition, it must implement integrity management in place. Don’t make or sell fake products because of small losses. The road of no return.