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Zinc alloy materials will compete with all copper and stainless steel for the sanitary ware market

Faucets have become an essential sanitary ware in our daily lives, so more and more people care about the health and quality of faucets, but high-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly all-copper faucets and stainless steel faucets have high prices, so medium-priced Zinc alloy faucets have become the choice of many consumers. According to a person in charge of a sanitary ware enterprise, 95% of the faucets on the market will use zinc alloy as the handle of the faucet, and a large part of bathroom hardware such as towel racks are also tried with zinc alloy materials. However, due to the national policy standard GB18145-2014 “Standard for Ceramic Sealing Sheet Water Spouts”, zinc alloy materials are strictly prohibited in places where water passes, such as faucet spools, so consumers can still be assured of the insecurity of zinc alloy faucets. Zinc alloy materials have been deeply loved by manufacturers and consumers due to their rich style and cost-effective style. Many sanitary ware companies will use zinc alloys instead of copper and stainless steel to produce zinc alloy-related sanitary products. Due to the low melting point of zinc alloy, sanitary ware enterprises can easily and quickly form a variety of pendant products when making zinc alloy products. And in terms of product style, it has a greater advantage than copper and stainless steel, because it does not require welding processing, reducing more complicated manufacturing processes, thereby reducing costs. Zinc alloy materials are gradually occupying the market of all-copper and stainless steel bathroom products. In terms of faucet handles, the manufacturing cost of zinc alloy handles is almost double that of all-copper handles, plus zinc alloy materials on bathroom hardware products In combination with each other, the zinc alloy material will definitely make up the world of sanitary ware market with all copper and stainless steel materials.