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1 mask to make the water cleaner

Did you find that the water in the faucet inside the house is getting smaller and smaller and more and more uneven, because the water inside has a lot of dirt, and the water is also impure, share a small tip today , To make our water clean, and the amount of water will become larger and larger, let’s take a look at it. When our faucet is open, if its water power is very large and even, then this is the inside There is no blockage, if it becomes smaller, it may be inserted inside, because there are many impurities in the water, we need to unscrew it to dredge it, and if we make our water cleaner, we can Prepare a disposable mask, then cut it out, use this thinner layer here, and then put it on it, fix it with the rubber band in the house, then filter it layer by layer The role of making our water more clean and hygienic Friends of this method can forward it to friends around them, welcome everyone to pay more attention to China Faucet Industry Network (vigafaucet.com Get more taps culture, information and Wikipedia, to make you a better understanding of the faucet. Thank you all for watching!