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98.78% of tap water passed

What is top water? A home faucet is open out of the last water, is to say that the plant water through the pipeline to the terminal (customer faucet) at the drinking water. In order to protect the city’s drinking water health and safety, timely detection and disposal of drinking water safety hazards, to prevent drinking water contamination hazardous to human health, Dongguan City Health Bureau last year, the city’s centralized water supply units carried out a drinking water health monitoring work, a total of 328 monitoring of the end-of-life water. Among them, 324 meet the “drinking water health standards” requirements, the pass rate of 98.78%.

Reporters access to the monitoring results table to see, the city’s 32 towns and Songshan Lake Park, only Shijie Town, Dalang Town, Songshan Lake Park, the monitoring of peripheral water was found to be unqualified. Shijie Town, Dalang Town, Songshan Lake Park pass rate of 96.67%, 87.5% and 83.33%, respectively, were found to be unqualified projects for the total number of colonies, chromaticity and pH value.

Dongguan City Water Bureau had announced last month, the city’s factory water quality comprehensive pass rate of 99.82%. And this time, Dongguan City Health Bureau announced the city’s peripheral water pass rate of 98.78%. Why is the pass rate of the peripheral water will be lower than the factory water it? An industry insider explained that the water quality of the final water affected by a variety of factors, including water purification plant, water in the delivery process of the factory water pollution and disinfection, so usually the same water quality of the factory water than the final water quality.

Shijie Town, Dalang Town, Songshan Lake Park, the final water failed, will affect people’s lives? The reporter learned that, in fact, as long as the water is boiled to drink, there will be no major problem.