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Faucet water purifier maintenance methods and causes of leaks

1, activated carbon is the main water purification material for the leading water purifier, nano-active filter cartridge adsorption capacity is better, before adsorption saturation of chlorine, heavy metals, and pesticides in the water have a better filtering effect.

2, hollow fiber technology is based on hollow fiber membrane water purification technology, can filter out most of the pollutants in the water, need to replace the filter regularly.

3, ceramic and nano-KDF technology most of the domestic products are used to microporous ceramic filter element and nano-KDF filter media, to chlorine ball, alkaline ball-based water purification technology, water flow is greater than the use of hollow fiber technology water purifier, ceramic filter element can be repeatedly brushed to use, to a certain service life, the need to regularly replace the filter element.

A, maintenance methods

1、Tighten the faucet first, and remove the faucet by turning it counterclockwise with a vise.

2, the threaded hole to the outside, in the threaded part of the wind-printed tape along the clock roll 5-6 times.

3, see if the faucet is well adjusted with water tethered vise along the direction of the clock tethered, ** after the installation is complete, open the master switch to try to confirm to see if there is still leakage.

Second, the reason for the leak

1. The cause of water leakage from the spout: due to wear and tear of the axle gasket in the faucet. Use pliers to turn the gland bolt loose and remove it, then use clamps to take out the axle gasket and replace it with a new one.

2. Leakage in the lower part of the faucet bolt: It is caused by the wear of the triangle gasket in the gland. You can turn the screws loose to take off the tether head, and then take off the pressure cover to make it loose, and then take out the triangle gasket inside the gland and replace it with a new one.

3. take over the joint leaking: roughly the cover type nut is loose, you can re-tighten the cover type nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.4. the amount of water becomes less: it may be leaking, because the water stop disk of the single gun faucet is stuck in the gravel, this phenomenon or find a professional repairman to dismantle the faucet to clean up, but if the rubber gasket is damaged, it must be replaced.