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Analysis on how Chinese faucet companies play with picture marketing?

Online shopping should not be unfamiliar to consumers. When you open the faucet mall, you will first see a lot of picture information.
With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people’s patience and concentration are gradually decreasing. People browse information and understand products and prefer the form of pictures. In this context, how should Chinese faucet companies make good use of pictures for marketing?.

Picture as the main presentation method of online shopping mall

Online shopping should be familiar to consumers. When you open the faucet mall, you will first see a lot of picture information. Most of them are presented mainly with pictures, supplemented by text, so doing a good job of picture processing is basically the main content of the mall products and the most intuitive way for consumers to understand. The image marketing and graphic materials of faucet enterprises, whether on the official website or in the mall, must be the primary external window of the enterprise.

Faucet companies use pictures to increase product sales

In the faucet industry, almost all netizens will browse a large number of faucet pictures for inspiration before buying, such as cases, styles, functions, after-sales and so on. Faucet decoration pictures have become the favorite content of faucet decoration netizens and the main source of traffic on home furnishing websites. At present, in the faucet industry, more and more brand companies have realized the importance of image marketing, and have achieved great success by building a library of image cases for brand communication and marketing.

In the era of mobile Internet, “viewing pictures” has become the most mainstream browsing mode and the most intuitive way of influencing. However, many netizens report that the content of ordinary picture reading is actually too monotonous, and sometimes they fancy the decoration style or functional products in the picture, but they cannot find any relevant product information. Imagine: If you can extend some decoration guides, matching strategies, product functions and other content through pictures, it will be more valuable for netizens.

Picture marketing has become a popular model in the Internet era

Picture marketing in the faucet industry is an innovative marketing method that is different from the traditional one, which is in line with the current consumption habits of users in the Internet era. You can launch a product that combines content and images to build a new model with “perceptual advertising” as the core. In the current era of viewing pictures, pictures are no longer just a function of advertising applications. Relevant data shows that in-image advertising establishes a connection between brand owners and related images, making their advertising click-through rates 20 times higher than traditional advertising networks.

For the faucet industry, the imperceptible implantation of brands through pictures has become more and more favored by enterprises and has become the most effective way of Internet marketing and promotion. Statistics show that 40% of Internet content is pictures, and 70% of netizens are more willing to pay attention to pictures to obtain information. For example, many social and e-commerce platforms at home and abroad are basically picture content; traditional portals are also continuing to exert efforts on picture products , Have their own gallery channels. Therefore, marketing based on the core content images of the Internet has become a general trend.

In the Internet age, the effectiveness of image marketing is obvious, and it has a lot of potential to be tapped. For the use of image marketing, faucet companies still need to do more research, and strive to maximize its advantages.