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Faucet companies use the Internet to promote but still need to return to the product itself

The return of faucet enterprises to the essence of products is the king of development.

Faucet companies’ entry into the Internet has become a general trend. When many companies try to get through O2O, they also have to use the name “Internet thinking” to enhance their style. However, when most faucet companies are entering the fast lane of the Internet, it is easy to ignore the hidden consumer value behind the Internet.

The Internet “can be rubbed”, and Internet thinking is “not rubbish”. Internet thinking is not just about enterprises using self-built online stores or other platforms such as Tmall and JD.com to lead online experience to offline experience, which in turn brings online experience. Flow, and ultimately maximize the transaction. It is more of a change in the way of thinking, Baidu CEO Robin Li said, “Maybe what you do is not the Internet, but your way of thinking must gradually be like the way the Internet thinks about problems.”

Faucet companies still have a long way to go to learn Internet thinking

The faucet industry enters the Internet field. First, it values ​​the increasingly active consumer groups on the Internet. Second, it tries to use the “O2O” “Double Eleven” and other crazes to gain the popularity of faucet companies and gain momentum. But the reality is that many faucet companies follow the trend blindly, under the banner of Internet thinking, but know what it is and don’t know what it is. According to media reports, the majority of faucet companies “hold the mentality of’people have and I have, and have is better than nothing’, and join in the fun, but don’t know how to play.” It can be seen that even if they are on the Internet, companies still have a long way to go to learn Internet thinking!

The development of faucet enterprises needs to return to the essence of products

Faucet companies return to the essence of products, and it is the king of development. The first- and second-tier markets are becoming saturated, good and bad faucet products are uneven, and network information is even more complicated. No matter which product or specific brand, consumers seem to have more choices. Rights, but there are also selective barriers. At this time, for consumers who are passive recipients of information, faucet companies should do something more.

Not only actively using the Internet, but also working hard to return to the product itself is the constant development direction of faucet companies! “High quality and low price” things, never worry about no market. On the one hand, under the premise of quality assurance, faucet companies reduce the cost of product manufacturing and inventory logistics, so that the final market price can meet consumers as much as possible; on the other hand, increase the ancillary value of the product, for example, the environmental protection of faucet products , Health, a series of other values ​​based on the practical level of the product are the key to open the hearts of consumers.

In the Internet age, almost all consumer behaviors are traceable. Faucet companies can use big data to analyze consumer preferences, behavioral logic, etc., so as to adjust product design styles to meet consumer needs. At the same time, they can also use the Internet for brand promotion. Of course, the final foothold of faucet business development needs to return To the product itself.