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Appreciation of Chinese style bathroom decoration

The design of the bathroom is basically convenient, safe, easy to clean and beautiful. For the bathroom design, the simpler and more refreshing, the more comfortable it feels. The fresh and bright tile color and good ventilation and lighting make the bathroom life more comfortable. The Chinese bathroom with rich classical flavor, the novel design is an open structure, the spacious mirror is not satisfied with the background wall on both sides, the modern bathroom equipment brings a refreshing and comfortable feeling, the classic visual feeling, arouse your curiosity. The striped decorative wall is quaint and old, the classic white bathtub is quietly hiding in the corner, a bathroom cabinet with a sense of the age is not placed next to the shower room according to common sense, and the most special thing is to cooperate with the simple decoration of the Chinese style. Modern trendy and fashionable elements, the glass shower room is suitable for young people’s living habits. Eye-catching Chinese calligraphy and paintings are posted on the wooden wall, the pure wood room has a rural and idyllic life. The authentic wooden bathtub is used to further experience the extraordinary bathing experience, the delicate touch makes you fall in love with the bath, and the warm lighting makes The bathroom is gentle and gentle, green plants decorate the corners of the bathroom, and the decent bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirrors make people feel safe. For more information on faucet prices, please pay attention to China Faucet Industry Network: http://vigafaucet.com