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Faucets can be so beautiful, 24-hour waterfalls at home

Ever thought of making the water that comes out of the tap more beautiful, we probably don’t have much of an idea or impression of it, since most of them are basically the same length and have no highlights. To break this perception, designer SalmonNortje has created a Y-shaped waterfall-like tap:. This waterfall faucet has all the components of a traditional faucet, such as the dial and spout. On top of that, it’s unique in its own way. Unlike traditional faucets, which use a dual-flow design with standard mechanical components used by the designer, combined with an avant-garde aesthetic design, the overall contrast is a stark one.Waterfall’s dual faucets have cold water on one side and hot water on the other.Instead of the regular vertical design, the two faucets are curved in a way that each side is curved at the same angle but in a different direction, so they also happen to form a capital Y shape. The temperature and the size of the water flow on both sides is adjustable, just twist the temperature dial to adjust the temperature. This tap is easy to use without being cliché, like a waterfall on TV, and you can put on a waterfall show at home anytime. For more information, please follow China Faucet Industry Website: http://vigafaucet.com