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Discuss the Feng Shui of kitchen faucet

Feng Shui exists in every place in our lives, and small details may cause wrong Feng Shui. A faucet is a small object that seems inconspicuous, but if you don’t pay attention, the consequences may be unimaginable. Is there a Feng Shui mystery in the faucet? Let the editors reveal the feng shui secrets in the faucet. The wrong feng shui layout may cause adverse effects such as family disharmony, damage to family health, and loss of wealth. We often use the kitchen in our daily life. In a family, the kitchen is an indispensable part. Some people may design and arrange a very clean, beautiful or unique kitchen, but they did not do a good job in the kitchen feng shui, which caused bad things. In the kitchen feng shui, there is a small object that is often overlooked by people. That is Faucet. Don’t underestimate a small faucet, it also plays an important role and pays attention to the layout in the feng shui kitchen. So what’s so special about kitchen faucet Feng Shui? 1. The Feng Shui of the kitchen faucet pays attention to-the knowledge of the function of avoiding the stove Feng Shui originally originated from Yi Xue. In the five elements theory, the fire and water are not rushing. In the kitchen environment, this situation shows that the biggest reason for the safety problem is that The kitchen will be equipped with a stove. From the perspective of feng shui in the kitchen, the faucet will appear to the stove, there will be right and wrong, rotten peach blossoms, money leakage, and even the disaster of blood. This problem can be answered from a common sense perspective and a scientific perspective. Water is easily extinguished, especially the gas stoves used in modern times. The serious consequence of extinction is carbon monoxide leakage, which is likely to cause poisoning. Even if there is no electronic product produced by open flames, it may happen. Electric leakage accident. Therefore, the Feng Shui angle is also reasonable and reasonable for the layout of the kitchen sink faucet. Therefore, the faucet should be arranged to avoid the stove as much as possible, and even the water basin should try not to be close to the stove to resolve this bad feng shui. Second, the kitchen faucet feng shui pays attention-water leakage phenomenon improper installation or long-term use may cause kitchen faucet leakage, which is a very bad sign in the feng shui pay attention. The old saying is good: “Mountain governor Dingshui main wealth”, water leakage indicates that the money is leaking, in Feng Shui this is a bad feng shui guilty of leaking words, if you do not solve the problem of leaking the kitchen faucet installation in time, it may make money at home Leakage is like running water, leaking money and transportation. What’s more, the kitchen orientation generally represents the hostess in the house, and bad kitchen feng shui is likely to cause health problems for the hostess. Therefore, if the kitchen faucet is leaking, it is a very bad kind of kitchen feng shui, which needs to be resolved quickly. Third, the kitchen faucet is feng shui-oriented-the location is in residential feng shui. We often hear about the orientation, orientation, etc. of the house. Perhaps we did not expect a small kitchen faucet to be feng shui-oriented. But in fact, due to the “water main wealth”, the flow of water has a great influence on wealth, and the faucet controls the direction of water flow. From this point, whether it is a creative faucet design or a common faucet, the direction of the faucet is A very important meaning of feng shui. In the kitchen, if the direction of the faucet is outward, the direction of the outflow of water will be outward, that is, the water flows out, the water flows out, and the money flows out. This is a very unfavorable pattern of money-breaking. If the family cannot accumulate for a long time Wealth can lead to the decline of poverty. Although feng shui is a bit superstitious, a good feng shui layout can bring good luck to the owner of the house, so sometimes we always feel that everything is unsatisfactory and bad luck, so we often reflect on whether there is something wrong with us, but I do n’t know if it is The reason of home feng shui. The kitchen is an important activity place for the family. The poor feng shui layout of the kitchen and the faucet feng shui mentioned today may have very bad luck. Therefore, even the layout of the feng shui of the small faucet should not be underestimated. Any small details!