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How many kinds of stealth killers are there in your bathroom?

The time comes in December. The days when we warm our feet by shaking our feet and staying upright for the winter are about to come. As soon as the weather is cold, the bath time will become longer. The longer the bath time, the more terrible things will happen. A few days ago, a household in Wuhan, When the 12-year-old girl was about to take a bath, the Yuba bulb in the bathroom suddenly exploded. The girl ’s grandfather said that the light bulb exploded like a cannon, which just happened to blow on the granddaughter ’s head, all covered with blood. The girl was standing directly under the Yuba when the light bulb burst, and the broken glass flew into the upper right forehead of the girl’s right side. After the incident, his family took him to the hospital and promptly removed the glass fragments. The grandfather of the child said that Yuba usually uses very little, so he can use it when the weather is cold. Yuba is a heating lighting device installed in the bathroom, which is used by some families in China. Families in need need to purchase regular high-quality products and use them after carefully reading the instructions to avoid safety accidents. Every year, the number of deaths caused by household products in China exceeds 1,000. Among them, the toilet is the number one killer in family accidents. Poisoning, coma, electrocution, and slipping and falling injuries show that the toilet is very dangerous. So what time bombs are there in the bathroom? The shower scalded Xiaoyan, a one-year-old girl in Dongguan, who stained her body when drinking milk. Xiaoyan’s mother planned to take a bath for her. After turning on the water heater and trying the water temperature, she flushed the child directly to clean the milk stains. When rinsing, my mother felt the water temperature suddenly became hot through the handle of the shower, but before she could react, Xiao Yan was scalded to the second degree. There is a great risk in bathing children with showers. Pay attention to bathing children: ① Prepare baby bathtub and other baby-specific bath products. ② Put the water in the bathtub, the water temperature is about 40 degrees. The water temperature of the spray head cannot be controlled, and you should never use the spray head to help your baby bathe. ③ Bath time should not exceed five minutes. After taking a bath, quickly wrap your baby with a large bath towel to avoid catching cold. Sudden fainting during bathing Some people often experience panic, dizziness, and limb weakness during bathing. In severe cases, it may fall in the bath hall and cause trauma. Generally, people with this symptom usually have anemia, which can also be caused by not eating for a few hours before taking a bath and having low blood sugar. ① Drink a cup of warm sugar water before taking a bath. Patients with heart disease such as angina and myocardial infarction should avoid bathing for a long time. ② Install ventilation fans in the bathroom to keep the indoor air fresh. ③Pay attention to exercise regularly and improve physical fitness. ④ Smoking is forbidden in the bath, and leave the bathroom immediately after washing. The bathroom glass door exploded. Mr. Chi’s family in Shenzhen went to travel. He lived in a hotel with his wife and two children. At 9 pm that night, his wife, Ms. Zhou, pushed the bathroom glass door with her right hand to close it. At this moment, with a sudden “bang”, the glass door fell, and part of the broken glass hit her right hand, blood flowing. When using glass doors in the bathroom at home, you should pay attention to: 1. Select high-quality tempered glass, install the glass door correctly 2. Attach explosion-proof film to reduce burst damage 3. Avoid scratching of sharp objects, focus on protecting glass corners, and check corners regularly Whether there are cracks. Bathroom floor slipped and injured In August this year, an 18-year-old girl in Hangzhou ran out of the bathroom to answer the phone while taking a shower. As a result, she slipped and knocked over the glass cabinet, and her right knee patella was severed by glass. ① If the bathroom floor is non-slip, put a non-slip mat on it ② Reduce the sundries in the bathroom to avoid inadvertent tripping. ③ It is best to dry your feet before you come out of the bathroom. Do n’t worry about the leakage of toilet appliances. A female tenant was suspected of being electrocuted due to an electric water heater leak, and another woman in the same room was electrocuted while trying to rescue her. ① The metal parts of the water outlet of the electric water heater, the shower head, and the faucet are all live parts. If there is no reliable grounding protection, the current is directly introduced into the human body, and an electric shock accident occurs immediately. ②There are other “heating quickly” in the bathroom, and please remember to pull out the plug after using the “hair dryer”, check whether the wire is damaged, and avoid the electrical appliance from touching the water.