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You have to know the taboo of Feng Shui in the bathroom!

The toilet feng shui taboo is exquisite. The toilet in the living room plays a big role in people’s lives. The Chinese people use water for money. The bathroom is the most frequent place in the whole house. If the bathroom’s feng shui violates the taboo, it is often fortune. It is easy to drain away, and it will affect the luck of the family. Let’s take a look at these eight bathroom feng shui taboos with the editor! In addition to the north and northeast directions, the latrines that affect luck are also in the southwest. If you want to move, you can only move from the west to the northwest. The south is the direction of daylight, and if the toilet occupies this position, it may affect luck. Western toilets are not very good, but as long as there are no new born people or girls living in marriage, there is no need to worry. The murderous toilets Many feng shui classics mention that the toilets should not be located in the southwest or northeast. They believe that the toilets are located in these two places, but they ca n’t tell the reason, which is inexplicable to ordinary people. In fact, this is determined by the hexagrams of the Eight Diagrams, the Gen hexagrams in the northeast and the Kun hexagrams in the southwest, all of which belong to the earth, and the hexagrams of the bath and toilet are water, and the water and toilet are set in the earth. Genfang and Kunfang, the unfavorable image of Turk water will occur, so it is regarded as a big murderer. Regarding the positioning of baths and toilets, the rules are quite complicated, please refer to the column of the house selection rules of the Yazhai School. According to the principles of traditional Chinese family studies, the direction of the toilet cannot be the same as the direction of the house, for example, the door of the house faces south, then when a person sits on the toilet, if the face is also facing south, I was guilty of the contradiction between the toilet and the house. It is said that it is easy to cause boils and sores in my family. Of course, I did not carefully investigate the occurrence of boils and sores in the actual survey, but I can avoid them. The bathroom is located on the side of the corridor. If you have a long corridor in your house, you should pay attention to the relationship between the corridor and the bathroom. The bathroom should only be located on the side of the corridor, not at the end of the corridor. It is a kind of indoor road rush, and the bathroom is directly rushed by the corridor, which is a big evil, which is extremely harmful to the health of the family. Water and fire insoluble bath toilets Many feng shui schools believe that bath toilets should not be located in the south of the house. In fact, this is also related to the gossip position. The south is for Ligua, and the five elements belong to fire, while the five elements belong to water. The bathroom is located in the southern part of the fire. It is the bathroom that restrains the fire. It is like a human character who is too old to be born, so it is also unlucky. The bathroom cannot be set in the center of the house according to the Luoshu orientation, and the center belongs to the earth, and the bathroom is water. If the water-bathroom is located in the center of the earth, the problem of tuk water will occur. The bathroom and toilet are located in the center of the house. Both water supply and drainage may have to pass through other rooms, and maintenance is very difficult. If the sewage pipes also pass through other rooms, it will be even more annoying. The center of the house is like a human heart. It is very important. If the heart is covered with dirt and dirt, can it still be called a house? Built-in bathtubs Some friends like to build a basin in the bathroom when decorating the bathroom. One or two steps above the ground, and then the bathtub is embedded in the basin, to be honest, this pattern is very beautiful, but it is best not to use this pattern in the bathroom set in the bedroom, because according to traditional Chinese family learning The principle is that the floor of the bathroom cannot be higher than the floor of the bedroom, especially the position of the bathtub cannot have a high sense of supremacy. The five elements doctrine believes that the water flows downwards and belongs to the run down grid. It is easy to live in a bedroom moistened by water for a long time Diseases of the endocrine system occur. If you really like this built-in bathtub, you can place it in another bathroom farther from the bedroom. Enclosed baths that affect health Some baths in homes are fully enclosed, with no windows, only exhaust fans, and the exhaust fans are not always turned on. According to the view of family science, there must be a window in the bathroom. It is best to have sufficient sunlight and air circulation. The reason is very simple, so that the turbid air in the bathroom can be discharged more easily and keep the air fresh. If it is completely enclosed and lacks ventilation equipment, it is definitely harmful to the health of the family. The use of some air fresheners only changes the taste of the air and does not improve the quality of the air.