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Does the inflatable bathtub work? How to buy?

With the advancement of science and technology, new types of inflatable bathtubs have appeared on the market. Inflatable bathtubs are popular with consumers because of their low price, small footprint, and easy portability. How about an inflatable bathtub? And how to buy? 1. Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable bathtubs: Advantages of inflatable bathtubs: 1. Space-saving inflatable bathtubs can be used when inflated, and can be folded when not in use, which solves the space problem for everyone. 2. There are many styles. There are many styles of inflatable bathtubs and they all look very beautiful. Let everyone follow their own patterns and colors. Choose the shape and other preferences. Some people say that this bathtub can lose weight, skin care, beauty, detoxification, constipation, etc., adding various herbs can cure diseases. Disadvantages of inflatable bathtubs: 1. There are advantages and disadvantages to being easily broken. Many people say that this bathtub is easy to break, and a small pinhole will be scrapped! 2. Easy to leak. Because the inflatable bathtub can be folded, the material is relatively soft As a result, water leaks more easily than ceramic bathtubs. Second, the purchase skills of inflatable bathtub: the first thing to consider is the size, shape, material and style. The size of the bathtub depends on the size of the bathroom. If you like bathtubs installed in corners, be aware that these generally triangular bathtubs take up more space than rectangular bathtubs. You have to see if the bathroom can accommodate them. In addition, bathtubs of the same size have different depths, widths, lengths and contours. If you prefer deeper water, the waste outlet should be higher. If it is too low, once the water level exceeds this height, the water will flow out from the sewage outlet, and the depth of the bathtub is difficult to reach the required depth; if there are elderly or disabled people in the home, it is best to choose the lower side position Position the armrest. Some bathtubs have skirts and some have no skirts. If you want to buy a skirt, it is generally a single-sided skirt, pay attention to the direction of the skirt. According to the position of the drain and the wall, decide whether to choose the left skirt or the right skirt. If you buy it wrong, you cannot install it. If a shower nozzle is added above the bathtub, the selected bathtub should be slightly wider to prevent water from splashing outside; the bathtub part below the shower position should be flat, and the non-slip treatment should be selected to ensure safety. There are two types of shower heads, wall-mounted and wall-mounted, which are more suitable for home use. The shower head and accessories of the bathtub are the same as those of the toilet and the basin, so be sure to choose matching products. The selection of its appearance is almost the same as other bathroom products. The quality of the bathtub material is mainly determined by whether the surface is smooth and smooth, and whether the hand is smooth. Steel and cast iron bathtubs, if poorly enamel plated, will show fine ripples. The firmness of the bathtub needs to be pressed by hand and tested with foot. The quality and thickness of the material are related to the firmness of the bathtub. It cannot be seen by visual inspection. You need to press and step on it. If you feel a sag, it means that the hardness is not enough. Inflatable bathtubs can be used for a long time when properly maintained, and because of its wide availability, it is a good choice whether used at home or outdoors. At the same time, it can be folded and placed when not in use. It will take up space. It is indeed a good choice for small apartment owners. From the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable bathtubs, we can see that inflatable bathtubs are cheap, take up little space, are easy to carry but have a short service life. Therefore, friends who want to buy an inflatable bathtub should consider their needs for the bathtub. For those who love outdoor bathing, the inflatable bathtub is definitely a good choice.