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Faucet installation is an indispensable part of home decoration. Kitchens, bathrooms, etc. need faucets. Do you know that the installation methods of faucets are different in different areas? Because they don’t understand themselves, some owners generally After the faucet is bought back, professionals will be invited to help install it. What is the installation method of the faucet? Today I will teach you a few tricks. It is not difficult to do it yourself.

What is the installation method of the faucet?

1. First, prepare the installation tools, and check whether the supporting parts are complete before installation. Common faucet parts include hoses, rubber washers, showers, drains, crutches, decorative caps, etc. In addition, you need to prepare waterproof tape. Don’t ignore this.

2. Check whether the main valve of the tap water is closed. If it is not closed, you can close it.

3. Wrap the thread of the faucet clockwise with waterproof tape a few times. The editor reminds me that this is very important. The waterproof tape must be wound clockwise. If it is wound upside down, water leakage will occur.

4. Screw the faucet clockwise to the connection of the water pipe and tighten it firmly with a wrench.

5. Open the main tap water valve and pass water normally.

1. Thermostatic faucet installation

Before installing the thermostatic faucet, you need to check whether the water pipes are hot on the left and cold on the other. Remember not to connect the hot and cold water pipes incorrectly to prevent the faucet from not working properly. Gas and solar water heaters cannot use thermostatic faucets because the water pressure is too low. In addition, don’t forget to install the hot and cold water filter when installing the thermostatic faucet.

Two, wall-mounted faucet installation

When installing the wall-mounted faucet, the water pipe must be flushed first to prevent the water from being too hard to cause damage to the faucet, and the distance between the hot and cold water pipes must reach 15 cm, not less than this distance.

Three, single hole faucet installation

The installation of single-hole faucets requires stable installation, because kitchen faucets are used frequently and are very easy to loosen, so the lock nut must be tightened. At present, there are some faucets on the market that fix the screw pipe with enlarged nut, which has a very good stabilization effect.

Four, single hole basin faucet

Before installing the single-hole basin faucet, please don’t forget to flush the water pipe buried in the wall in advance. If the inlet pipe is too long than the outlet pipe, take it according to your actual needs, but remember not to bend hard to 90 degrees or more.