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The faucet industry has serious chaos, how to develop in the long run

With the improvement of consumers’ living standards, the demand for faucet products is increasing day by day, the scale of the industry is growing year by year, and the functions and designs of the products are gradually improving. However, due to the unfair competition in the market during the development process, the reshuffle of the faucet industry is also intensifying. At the same time, some serious “stubborn diseases” hinder the healthy development of my country’s faucet industry.

Serious chaos in the faucet industry

No capital will give up chasing profits, and the booming faucet market has caused many companies to step in. Therefore, there are countless faucet manufacturers focusing on high profits without talking about product quality and product R&D. A large number of uncreative foundry products flood the market, and the homogeneity situation is extremely serious. The ultimate result of a large number of products of the same type entering the market is a big price war, so bad price competition has become the main means of market competition. In turn, quality and price are reduced to meet the needs of competition, forming a vicious circle , Eroding the common interests of the industry and consumers.

However, because the barriers to entry are not high, and taking advantage of people’s lack of knowledge of faucets, some unscrupulous companies want to imitate the production faucets with the mentality of making a fortune to obtain high profits. Especially the rural and urban-rural fringe areas have become a hot spot for various faucet marketing activities. In the process of faucet marketing, some exaggerated publicity is not rare. Consumers who spend money but find that the product has no advertised use effect may question the entire industry.

Long-term development requires self-discipline in the faucet industry

If you want a healthy development environment in the faucet market, you still have to start from the company itself. First of all, we must put an end to “usage doctrine”. Many faucet manufacturers pursue a pure ethics for short-term benefits, and do not pay attention to the long-term training and accumulation of personnel and teams, resulting in impetuous and unstable employees. This is not only a loss for the faucet manufacturer, but also for the practitioners. loss.

Secondly, the production technology of many products on the market is relatively backward, and the ability of product innovation is insufficient, so it is unable to meet the needs of the market on a larger scale. To promote the development of the industry, production technology innovation is essential. In terms of product promotion, it is still necessary to increase publicity in a pragmatic way to prevent false publicity.

In addition, the improvement and establishment of after-sales service is also an important part of industry development. For faucet companies, the construction of after-sales service is a very important link in the development process. Since many consumers have problems or repair, maintenance, replacement and other problems after purchasing the product, if there is no good after-sales service, they will directly return to the factory.

Not to mention the trouble, the time will be longer, affecting users. Therefore, increasing the construction of after-sales service and making consumers more secure is an important step to promote the development of the industry.