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How far is the lead-free faucet from our lives?

The great harm of lead to the human body is an indisputable fact that has been tested and determined by authoritative state agencies. Typical examples are the “Beethoven died of lead poisoning” and “The Roman Empire died of lead damage” proposed by foreign experts. In addition, children and pregnant women are the biggest victims of lead poisoning. Due to the physiological characteristics of growth and development, children and pregnant women are extremely sensitive to the toxic effects of lead. Pregnant women with severe lead poisoning will have premature delivery and miscarriage; lead poisoning will affect the growth and intellectual development of infants and young children, and severe cases will cause dementia and other symptoms. One of the sources of lead damage is the lead content in water quality, water pipes, and faucets. In the United States, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has put forward strict requirements on these three aspects to control and reduce “lead content”. The faucet is a necessity of daily life. People will be in close contact with the water dragon every day, ranging from a few times to dozens of times. This shows how close this necessity is to people’s lives! Required course for homeowners. Health experts said that in the safety of drinking water, it is recommended to use lead-free water taps. In addition, the tap water discharged from the taps in the morning contains more lead, and it should be used after 3 to 5 minutes. The faucets are generally tested for strength, sealing, flow, noise, and life when they are shipped from the factory. Products produced by regular manufacturers are provided with a warranty card and the manufacturer’s brand logo. This is related to after-sales service and details of product production. Some non-regular products often only stick some paper labels, so be careful when buying.