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How to install the shower?

As an important item for showers, the shower can’t just give people a nice shower but also decorate the restroom. After the shower comes back, just how can home users put in it? Please have a peek at the next steps together with the editor. Installation measures and approaches: 1. After wrapping both elbow joints using raw material tape, then use an adjustable wrench to tighten the water socket joints at both installment holes on the wall. After trimming, guarantee that the centre distance of both elbow joints is 150mm. 2. Insert the mounting washer to the elbow joint, and then apply a wrench to tighten the mounting nut over both elbow joints to resolve the faucet onto the wall. 4. Insert expansion tubes to the setup holes and correct the wall chair to the wall using self-tapping screws . Notice: The wall chair has to be on precisely the exact same centre line as the tap outlet. 6. 7. The elevation”H” must be set in line with the true product during actual setup. 8. Add the sealing ring in the lower end of the valve. 9. Tighten the lower end of the valve and the top end of this faucet with threads. 10. Notice: After tightening with a wrench, take care to not harm the electroplated surface. 11. Tighten 1 end of the shower pole and a single conclusion of the switching valve together with threads (the close of the column shower pole has to be supplied with a sealing ring). 12. Then set the decorative cover in the opposite end of the shower pole, then insert that end into the wall chair, and apply three setscrews to lock the finish, and eventually push the decorative cover into the wall; 13. After setup twist in the water inlet button and then flush the pipeline completely. 14. Connect the nut into the end of the hand shower and add it in the shower chair. (Notice: Washers 15 has to be offered at the ends of the shower hose. Tighten the best spray on the shower pole.