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Is water expensive? Learn how to save water!

As the population expands, more and more domestic water is used, and the more precious the water resources. So every time I hear that the water bill in the house has risen magnificently again, I really made up my mind to find a way to save water in my life, and resolutely implement the water saving. 1. Wash the vegetables with Taomi water first, and then clean with water, not only to save water, but also to effectively remove the remaining pesticides on the vegetables; household watering flowers, it is better to use Taomi water, tea, laundry water, etc .; The float is adjusted downward by 2 cm. Each flush can save nearly 3 liters of water. According to the family use 4 times a day, it can save 4380 liters of water a year. The faucet has a long-term leakage. Use a small medicine bottle containing penicillin The rubber cover is cut with a gasket that is the same as the original one, which can ensure that the dripping is not leaking. 2. If the water tank of the toilet is too large, two-block water tank accessories can be replaced; when the water tank of the toilet leaks, the inlet valve fails, and the water will continue to flow away from the overflow. The failure of the drain valve will cause the toilet to run long, and the inlet pipe will continue to supply water to the water tank; use the cleaner water in the home to flush the toilet to make it more versatile; the garbage should be cleared from the garbage passage regardless of the size and thickness. Do not wash it off with water through the toilet. 3. Tips for solving toilet leaks: The main reason for water leaking in the water tank is that the copper wire used to connect the handle to the leather cup is often stuck, so that the leather cup cannot fall down, and the drain pipe cannot be completely blocked by the leather cup, resulting in water leakage. It can be twisted into a plastic string with a plastic band, and the plastic string is passed through the iron ring on the leather cup and connected to the rocker arm of the handle. The plastic rope is strong and not afraid of blisters. Users who have a leaking water tank may wish to give it a try. 4. You can wash your feet after washing your face with water, and then flush the toilet; you should prepare a large bucket to collect waste water at home, which can fully guarantee the amount of water needed for flushing the toilet; Oil and water saving; watering flowers for fish farming can promote the growth of flowers and trees. Although the use of waste water is easier said than done, the water saving effect is obvious. According to estimates, household waste water such as laundry, bathing, and washing can be collected and used for toilet flushing and mopping the floor. A family of three can save about 1 ton of water per month. 5. Do not turn on the faucet all the time when washing hands, washing your face, or brushing your teeth. You should drain water intermittently. For example, when washing hands and face, turn off the faucet when soaping. When brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet after the cup is filled with water. 6. Reduce the number of baths, and control the amount of water discharged during each bath, about one third of the water in the bath. 7. While bathing, stand in a collection container and collect used water for flushing the toilet or wiping the floor. Do not open the spray head for a long time. Wet the body and hair first, then turn off the spray head, and use the bath and shampoo for the final wash. 8. Bathing too frequently is not good for skin health. It is best to use it 2 to 4 times a month. The shower saves as much as 80% of water than the bathtub bath. Intermittent water shower, don’t be afraid of trouble when scrubbing, shut off the water flow in time; the water after the bath can be used for washing, flushing the toilet, mopping the floor, etc. When using the shower head to wash the shower, master the adjustment of the ratio of hot and cold water; do not leave the shower head open at all times, let alone open the water. Take time to take a bath. Turn off the nozzle when your head and feet get wet. Wash with soap or bath fluid and rinse once; do not “by the way” laundry when taking a bath; do not fill the bath with enough water, 1 / 3-1 / 4 pot is enough . Water resources are becoming increasingly scarce and water fees continue to rise. In addition to using new types of water-saving faucets and other products, there are also some water-saving tips that need to be mastered. This not only saves a lot of living expenses, but also responds to the national call. Of course, water-saving appliances and methods are actually secondary, and the key is still consciousness. If you really have a water-saving awareness, you will naturally be able to “open source and save money”, and do one person to drive the whole family