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The world’s first collapsible vertical bathroom system

If there is only one product in an entire bathroom and all functions need to be met, then… British designer Paul Hernon has created the world’s first collapsible vertical bathroom: the Vertebrae “spine”. It integrates the toilet, sink, bathtub and two showers into one, called an integrated bath. When the user needs to use which part, just push it out. The central shaft is an iron column, and all the ductwork is hidden inside. All but two of the showers for different age needs can only rotate 180 degrees, the rest can rotate 360 degrees. Designer Paul Hernon says, “After doing a lot of research, I realized that reducing bathroom space was already a clear trend, especially in small apartments, and created a space-optimized bathroom fixture that looks interesting but is simple and functional, combining all the amenities of a bathroom together. This design is designed to take advantage of vertical space rather than the flat space on the floor. The Vertebrae is quick to assemble and easy to maintain, you just need a piece of space to put it. Unfortunately, this integrated bathroom weighs 150 kg and the load-bearing capacity of the floor had to be considered before installation.