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With this towel rack, you can say goodbye to bathroom germs!

Because it is often kept in a damp state, the bathroom is one of the most bacteria-prone places in the home, so we often clean and sterilize the bathroom as well. In contrast, however, little attention is paid to the towels that are often used in restrooms, which in fact absorb water easily and are also very susceptible to the growth of bacteria when they are in a damp bathroom. For example, if you don’t wash and dry them often, you’ll find the towels sticky after using them for a while, which is a sign of mold growth, so having a towel rack that can sterilize or dry them is especially important, not pretentious. The ‘UV Bar’ UV towel rack that we’re introducing today is a Red Dot Concept Award winning entry from designers Ham Hyungsun, Lee Hyunmyung & Lee Soyoung. It has a simple and elegant design, and at the same time not only can be used for UV disinfection of wet towels hanging on the shelf, but also can be directly removed from the pole to disinfect other corners of the toilet or toilet, effectively enhancing its practicality. The charging function is built directly into the wall support, just put the sterilized rod back on the support and it will charge automatically.