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What are the precautions for using a thermostatic faucet?

Thermostatic faucets are suitable for shower facilities in homes, hotels, and public bathrooms, as well as environments where water pressure changes frequently, such as barber shops. Due to its precise internal structure, when we use it, there are some differences from ordinary faucets. Today I will tell you about the ten precautions when using thermostatic faucets. 1. Users with small solid lumps in tap water are not suitable for using thermostatic faucets; 2. Tap water containing powdery deposits or soft foreign objects may reduce the sensitivity of the thermostatic spool and may also shorten the service life of the thermostatic faucet; 3. Try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet, so that the hot water can reach the faucet as soon as possible; 4. The hot and cold water supply pipe must not be installed wrong, the hot water pipe must be on the left, and the cold water pipe must be on the right; Clean the installation site before the faucet, so as not to damage the faucet’s rubber ring, thread, thermostatic valve core and other parts with small sandstones; 6. Please install according to the instructions of the manual, paying special attention not to leak, lose or damage any gasket Or aprons; 7. The thermostatic faucet itself has no heating function, please adjust the water temperature of the water heater to 60 ℃ ~ 85 ℃; 8. The shower head and shower tube can not withstand the high temperature above 60 ℃; 9. After each use, please Be sure to adjust the left water temperature adjustment knob to below 40 ℃; 10. If the water pressure difference between hot water and cold water is too large, please adjust the valve of the bracket with a screwdriver. Households using gas water heaters need to pay more attention to this.